What Steps Should I take if I involved in a hit & run accident in FL?

Often we expect traffic collisions to be mutually settled, but this is not always the reality. Twenty-five percent of traffic incidents are reported in Florida. In the year 2019, 19841 hit-and-runs took place in Miami-Dade alone, according to the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles injury estimates.

No matter who is at fault, we want everybody to remain safe and follow the correct procedure when they’re involved in a hit and run accident.

Follow Important Measures with Fort Lauderdale Car Accident Attorney after the Hit-and-Run Incident and follow the given instructions

  • Report the accident to the police and be truthful.

Contact the law enforcement authorities and file a police report. Getting a criminal report provides clear evidence of what has happened. Even if you don’t have a lot of details, filing a report can only help with your auto claims process.

  1. Take your photos. –

When you find damage to your vehicle, take pictures of it. It is also advised, for insurance purposes, to take photos of the incident, such as the surrounding traffic signs.

  • Write down some relevant information. –

As you might be distracted after a hit-and-run, grab a pen and paper or your phone to jot down the incident, if possible.

  • Call the police. –

 Even though you feel like you do not have anything to report, calling the police and filing a report will help with your insurance claim. Just let the police handle it and have as much detail as you can.… Read More

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Is it Possible to Sue Hospital for Medical Malpractice?

In any state, medical malpractice law is one of the broadest laws. This law entitles one to file a lawsuit against the medical professional who performed below-standard medical care that caused severe injuries to the patient. If you or someone you know has been injured due to medical malpractice, you must go to personal injury lawyer VA Beach. In such cases, the attorney must prove that the doctor didn’t give the standard care that caused the injuries to the victim. 

Medical malpractice lawsuits are complicated and different from other laws. Moreover, in Virginia, the standard of care for various specialties and practices is different than other states. Winning the case requires testimony to establish the standard of care that the doctor should have given and how he failed to offer it.

Now, let’s understand who can be held liable for the injuries caused to a victim due to medical malpractice.

Under “respondeat superior,” which is a legal theory in a medical malpractice case, if a hospital employs the defendant or injury causing person, the hospital is held responsible for the damages to the victim. If the employee is not cautious or negligent while treating the patient or dealing with them, the hospital will have to bear the legal consequences if the patient gets injured. It’s important to note that not all cases of mishandling and mistakes fall under negligence.  

In any hospital, the nurses, support staff, and medical technicians are considered the employees. The patient can sue the hospital … Read More

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The Legalities of Remaining in the UK After a Divorce

Going through a divorce is never a pleasant experience. If you’re a non-UK resident who is currently living and working in the UK on a spouse visa, then this can add to the stress of getting a divorce even more.

The end of a marriage is an emotional and testing time, so even considering the legalities and the immigration laws that surround you can be unimaginable. If you’re dependent on a family visa and are reliant on your ex-spouse for settlement, it can often seem a lot easier to end your losses and move home.

Once your marriage has ended, the Home Office may request that you leave the country within a number of weeks following your break up. However, if you have started a family, or have set up a business in the UK, then it’s unlikely that you will want to leave. Time is of the essence in these situations and it’s really important that you act fast. Here are some steps that you should take in these circumstances.

Speak to the home office

Before you make any decisions, it’s of the utmost importance that you inform the Home Office that you have got a divorce. Throughout the process, immigration professionals will need you to be fully transparent and honest, so the sooner you let them know the better. Failure to do so could heighten the chances of them enforcing your leave from the country.

Once notice has been given and you have informed the Home Office that … Read More

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