What Impacts Auto Accident Settlement Amounts?
What Impacts Auto Accident Settlement Amounts?

What Impacts Auto Accident Settlement Amounts?

When a car accident happened, you were not at fault, and you were injured, you do not have to deal with damage repairs, medication, and hospital bills alone. You can recover damages and get compensation for the injuries you suffered.

The good news with personal injury claims is that most do not reach courtrooms. They are settled. The bad news is that auto accident settlement in Detroit is not as straightforward as you might think. Determining how much money should be given is a very complex process that can be impacted by several factors. Here’s what you should know.


You might think it is quite clear who was at fault for the car accident but when the police determine that you also share a part of the fault, your settlement will be reduced. This applies to comparative negligence states and means that the settlement amount you are given is reduced by the percentage that you were at fault for the car accident.

Witnesses With Conflicting Stories

When passengers, other drivers, or basically anyone who did witness the car accident have conflicting stories, liability determination is affected. Officials will have a harder time figuring out the party that was the most at fault. This will impact the amount you are going to receive in the injury settlement due to its reliance on proving liability.

What Injuries Appeared

This is an obvious factor that impacts car accident settlements. When your injury is serious, you will receive much more than when it is minor. As a very simple example, anyone can understand, a serious neck injury automatically requires more surgeries, medical visits, medication, and treatments than a bruised shoulder. With the neck injury, the settlement will be higher.

Medical Bills

Several things can be mentioned when referring to medical bills. The lawyer you hire will analyze absolutely all of them in order to figure out the economic damages you suffered. What is important to understand is that when you do not have medical bill records, a very large part of your compensation will be lost since the settlement will be much lower.

Lost Wages

When you miss work because of the injuries you suffered during the car accident, you automatically lose wages. Since you do need money to support your family and you, the settlement will take this into account. The car accident lawyer analyzes paystubs to see exactly how lost wages impact your way of life.

Final Thoughts

It is very important to understand the fact that your settlement amount will be impacted by several factors besides what was already mentioned above. Those were just the most common ones everyone should be aware of.

When injured, the most important thing at the end of the day is to be treated. Then, you need to contact an experienced car accident attorney that can help you to get the financial settlement you are entitled to according to law. This is especially the case when faced with really serious injuries or when the unwanted scenario of someone dying appeared.