This is Often the Cause of Divorce
This is Often the Cause of Divorce

This is Often the Cause of Divorce

Based on research, too intimate at the beginning of a marriage is one of the causes of divorce. These include 6 other things below.
Mismatches lost love, or one of the parties lured to others, are things that are often associated with the cause of divorce.
But several studies have revealed that there are similarities in each divorced couple, which could be a predictor of their divorce.
The results of this study can even detect early on, whether the partner will last or end in divorce. Only by looking at 7 factors that caused the divorce of all couples who separated.
Here are 7 things that are often the cause of divorce, but often escape attention:

  • Married at adolescence or over 32 years

Research says those who marry when adolescents (under the age of 20 years) or in their mid-30s, have a high risk of divorce. Compared to those who married in their late 20s or early 30s. This risk is very high in couples who marry when they are both teenagers.
Based on research led by Nicholas Wolfinger, a professor at the University of Utah. He found that married after passing 32 years of age, the chances of someone getting divorced increased by every year.
Nicholas writes in the Institute for Family Studies, “For almost everyone, the late twenties are the best time to get married.”
Meanwhile, another study published in 2015 in the Economic Inquiry journal, revealed the tendency for divorce to increase if with a high age gap between partners.

  • The husband does not have a permanent job

A 2016 study conducted at Harvard revealed that household financial problems were not the cause of divorced couples. But the biggest cause is the husband’s working condition.
The study, published in the American Sociological Review, states that husbands who do not have permanent jobs have a divorce risk of within a year. Whereas couples with husbands who have permanent jobs only have a risk.
Researchers in this study says the stigma that men are the main breadwinners of a family can affect the stability of the household. So if the husband does not have a permanent job, the household can be problematic.

  • Dropping out of school is the cause of divorce

The possibility of divorce in couples who have higher education is lower than those who do not graduate from high school.
The researcher considers that a low level of education will affect family income. Because those who do not graduate from high school tend to find it harder to find work. So that making household needs difficult to meet, and a happy marriage is difficult to achieve.

  • Look down on the couple

John Gottman, a psychologist at Washington University, describes a very accurate cause of divorce. The predictor is divided into 4 things that trigger a fight, until separation. Therefore as much as possible 4, this is avoided by husband and wife:

  1. Look at a husband or wife as someone lower than yourself. This is a fatal mistake that can lead to divorce.
  2. Excessive criticism. For example, always commenting on the character and behavior of a partner. Who can stand the marriage if every act is commented on without ever being rewarded?
  3. Be defensive. If there are problems, never feel guilty and always blame others when facing difficult situations.
  4. Like to cut the conversation. Or stop the conversation, because you don’t want to hear the opinion of your partner.
    4 of the above are conclusions from a 14-year study of 79 couples in America. If you or your partner has 4 behavioral traits above, try to change it, so the marriage can last long.
  5. Too intimate while still a newlywed

Too intimate at the beginning of the marriage, making the couple unprepared if intimacy changes with tension. This is the cause of divorce that often goes unnoticed.

A psychologist named Ted Huston followed 168 couples for 13 years. Since the wedding day and so on. Ted and his team conducted many interviews with each pair, during this research.
One of the findings of this study, in couples who divorced after 7 years of marriage or more, tended to show excessive intimacy, compared to couples whose households were walking lasting and happy.

Couples are very happy at the beginning of the marriage, have a tendency to divorce because they are unable to deal with the tensions that occur in marriage. Believe it or not, couples who are married with romantic doses within normal limits (no less or excessive), their household tends to be more durable.