The Importance of Legal Basis for Divorce Attorney Fees
The Importance of Legal Basis for Divorce Attorney Fees

The Importance of Legal Basis for Divorce Attorney Fees

At this time, you may be wondering, are there any divorce attorney fee provisions. Marriages break up one of them because of divorce. So that divorce is a divorce process between husband and wife who are bound by marriage, which is submitted to the court. Honorarium is obtained if the Advocate carries out the legal services as mentioned above. Thus, Advocates are entitled to receive an Honorarium for Legal Services that have been provided to their Clients. However, the amount or amount of honorarium for the legal services is determined fairly based on the agreement of both parties. This means that regarding the costs of the intended divorce attorney, it must be based on the agreement of both parties. The following are some of the factors that determine the size of the fee for the services of a divorce lawyer:

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Factors of the Size of the Divorce Attorney Service Fees

Actually, there is no standard rate regarding the fees for the services of a divorce attorney. Not only divorce cases, but also other civil disputes where there are no provisions. Each individual or law office applies a different rate.

1. Case Complexity Level

The level of complexity of the case is a determining factor for the size of the divorce fee. Although in fact, divorce cases are not as complicated as other cases such as land affairs.

2. Distance from Office to Court

Another factor is the distance between the attorney’s office and the court of first instance. If the distance is close, then it is almost certain that the costs incurred are not as big as those that are a bit far away. This factor is related to operational costs.

3. Capabilities of Prospective Clients

One of the determining factors for the size of a divorce attorney fee is the ability of the prospective client concerned. The factor in question is the client’s ability in terms of finance. Because, the bigger the case faced can affect the costs incurred.

4. Length of Work

The duration of time for completing divorce cases and other civil cases is also a separate consideration regarding the costs incurred. However, for Settlement of Cases at Courts of First Instance and Appellate Level in 4 Judicial Environments, the process of lawsuits in court of first instance is no later than 5 months.