Interesting Career in the Legal Field
Interesting Career in the Legal Field

Interesting Career in the Legal Field

In adulthood, the legal profession is increasingly in demand by young people. Therefore, it is not surprising that the law faculty is still one of the favorite and sought after majors in the hope that after graduating it will get a decent job. indeed there are many job options in the legal field that you can try. Here are some professions that you can pursue if you really want a career in the legal field:


Advocates are people whose profession is to provide legal services both inside and outside the court who have requirements based on the provisions of this Law. Provision of legal services carried out by advocates includes providing legal advice, legal assistance, exercising power of attorney, representing, assisting, defending and taking other legal actions for the benefit of clients by obtaining an honorarium or compensation for legal services received based on an agreement with the client or providing legal services free to clients who can not afford. Legal services can be in the form of legal consultation, legal assistance, representing, assisting, defending and taking legal action for the client’s legal interests. Clients can be people, legal entities or other institutions that receive legal services from an advocate. So the term advocate is the same as defenders, lawyers, legal consultants, attorneys and legal advisors. This profession is an idol of law faculty students because it is considered to be able to provide a large salary, prestige, and also a strategic social position.


Arbitrator is a person or more who is chosen by the parties to the dispute, or appointed by a court or arbitration institution, to give a decision regarding a particular dispute. So in a dispute, the arbitrator will resolve the dispute which is final and binding and carried out outside the court. Even though this profession is quite challenging and requires you to be smart in dealing with two disputing parties to find a way out, the income is not as high as other professions in the legal field. But don’t worry, this profession will never be empty of orders.


There are many definitions of a judge in circulation, even in various laws. However, the definition of a judge in general is a person who is appointed in terms of examining, hearing a case, and deciding on the case. Even easier, judges are those who will enforce justice in the courtroom. The cases that are being tried can be in the form of criminal, civil cases, as well as various applications.


Prosecutors are functional officials who are given the authority to act as public prosecutors, implementers of court decisions or other authorities mandated by law. An easy definition of a prosecutor is a person who submits an indictment in court and executes the court’s decision. The process of recruiting a prosecutor is usually a long and long way to go. Apart from going through the law faculty, you also have to take part in education and training held by the Supreme Court for judges and prosecutors. But this profession is quite prestigious even though the income of prosecutors is not that big compared to lawyers.

Notary Public

Notary is a public official who has the authority to make authentic deeds and other powers referred to as notary office. In carrying out its duties, the Notary has its own code of ethics and is an honorable profession (officium nobile) that requires its own integrity and qualifications. This job requires thoroughness and neatness as well as a thorough knowledge of the legal field. So in addition to getting education at the law faculty, prospective notaries must take another education to become a notary.


Police is a profession that many law graduates also have. Well, to become police, they must know the ins and outs of Indonesian law too. Usually this legal knowledge is required by the police who use analysis of a case. In the police institution there are those called legal, propam, and public relations divisions. Legal experts are also placed in the investigation and criminal section, because investigating a case also requires knowledge of the field of law.


Paralegals are in charge of assisting lawyers who practice and serve clients in legal matters. Paralegals are also responsible for conducting research / investigations, analysis, and organizing daily tasks in cases. Usually, after finding a common ground for a case, their work is limited and the case comes under the responsibility of an advocate. Being a paralegal can actually be done by anyone as long as he has a lot of legal knowledge. So if you are not a law graduate, this profession is also open to you.

Are Paralegals a legal profession?

Until now there are still many pros and cons about whether paralegals are a job in the legal field. Many claim that paralegals can enter the legal profession, especially because there is an advocacy cancellation which previously stated that someone deliberately carries out the work of an advocate profession and acts as if as an advocate but not an advocate will be jailed for five years

Apart from that, the presence of legal aid also gives paralegals more opportunities to become professions, so that paralegals are also allowed to assist poor people in seeking justice and legal certainty.