You can help keep your community crime-free
You can help keep your community crime-free

You can help keep your community crime-free

Times have changed and gone are the days when you can consider walking alone in the middle of the night or kids play out in the street with neighbors without being exposed to crime or suspicious activity that can result in dire consequences.

One of the biggest threats today is the increase in gun-related crimes, both syndicated and randomly committed.

Any criminal defense attorney Virginia Beach would agree that taking the necessary precautionary measures to avoid getting victimized by taking practical and conscious steps to prevent criminality.

Criminality is on the rise

Statistics have shown that in 2016, the United States saw the highest incidence of gun-related crimes in history since the 1960s. Criminality has gone to an all-time high and accounted for 38,658 people who did due to gun-related crimes. 

There were 4,415 homicides of which 71 died as a result of random mass shootings, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The worst of these random shootings that claimed a lot of lives were the 2017 random shooting during a music festival in Las Vegas, Nevada. 58 lives were lost, all of who were having a great time enjoying the festival and thought nothing of the tragedy that would take their lives.

Guns and crime

A study published in the same year found a strong correlation between gun-related deaths and higher levels of gun ownership. Virginia Beach criminal law attorneys understand that gun crime can take the life of an innocent bystander at times when they least expect it.

This is why it is important for people to start looking for ways and taking action within their communities to prevent crime. 

 Start with your community

It is always best to take preventive measures by starting with your community. Any criminal defense attorney Virginia Beach would strongly advice that the best strategies are often the most overlooked measures that are practical and easy to do.

Get to know your community members

Start by establishing relationships with your neighbors and getting to know a bit about their backgrounds and profiles. This could help a lot in helping you determine whether someone is new in your area that may start to trigger alarm bells.

A lot of criminals would not stay in a place where they could easily be associated with shady activities or backgrounds, so a safe haven would be a place where they are less likely to get noticed for their criminal acts.

Organize neighborhood watches

Enjoining your neighbors is a good way to empower your community, especially during times of emergencies when you need each other’s help the most. 

Remember that there is strength in numbers and making sure that you are able to band your community together helps give you the assurance that you will be able to get and provide support in times of need or emergencies.

Stay in constant contact with your local authorities

It pays to know about what’s happening in your community, especially when it comes to peace and order. 

Making yourself accessible with local authorities helps you stay abreast of the latest in your community or within your immediate locality.