Carr brings with him the sort of life experiences and perspective needed in Washington. . . . [He] has seen things most in Washington only know of through congressional hearings and briefings. . . . These varied experienced inform his policy approaches, which he says are aligned with most of the voters in his district. . . . We agree, and that is why we are endorsing Elan Carr for Congress.”
– Los Angeles Register

Elan Carr “is competing to replace the retiring Democratic icon. What’s more, he’s winning.”
– Weekly Standard

“Elan Carr… is levelheaded and his positions are relatively moderate. For instance, he’s pro-environment and supports a path to citizenship for immigrants in the country illegally. Were he to win, he would most likely end up in the majority in the House. Ultimately, though, his views skew too conservative for us.”
– Los Angeles Times

“Elan Carr is a prosecutor and an Iraq War Veteran and the president…of the Jewish fraternity Alpha Epsilon Pi. (If you want a congressman who led a Hanukkah service in Saddam Hussein’s former palace, he is your man).”
– New York Times Magazine

“While there are a crop of Jewish Republicans running for office throughout the country, one of the most promising is the candidate for U.S. House in California’s 33rd district, criminal gang prosecutor, Iraq War veteran, and Jewish community leader, Elan Carr.”
– Breitbart California

“…Elan Carr could be the Scott Brown of the 2014 election and possibly pull off an upset victory.”
– American Thinker

“Potentially the most game-changing candidate is Elan Carr, running for the Waxman seat…Carr has a robust network and has raised a substantial war chest in record time…Our conversation at the convention was interrupted several times as he spoke fluent Hebrew to his backers.”
– Flashreport

“[T]he timing is right for Carr’s message to resonate with the people of the 33rd District.”
– Jewish Political and News Updates

“GOP candidate Elan Carr has a no-labels strategy in West LA Congressional race.”

“For the many years I’ve known him, Carr has struck me as Mr. Reality – a straight shooter who sees things as they are, unencumbered by illusions or wishful thinking.”
– Jewish Journal

“Elan Carr is used to a fight…[t]he former military officer and Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney is running for California’s 33rd Congressional District…addressed some of the biggest issues currently facing Hollywood, including tax credits, production flight and piracy.”
-The Wrap

“Most politicos recognized that Republican Elan Carr…would be a formidable opponent in the primary…In fact he bested 17 contenders…before anyone sneezes over how funny the thought is of even a moderately conservative Republican taking over one of THE most liberal districts in the nation – remember that Republican Scott Brown won…Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat…
– Frontiers LA

“The surprise – Elan Carr got the most votes in the 33rd District primary, yesterday.”
– ABC 7 News

“A Republican rocketed to the top of the field in this week’s primary…and emerged atop a crowded primary field…”
– Daily Breeze

Republican Elan Carr did the unthinkable this week: he won the primary in California’s 33rd congressional district, winning nearly 22% of the vote and defeating 17 rivals in a district that elected Democrat Henry Waxman for 40 years.”
– Breitbart

“Carr…focused on the quality of [his] advertising, producing a more memorable and effective communication tool for our tested and proven messages.”
– Los Angeles Register

“Also in his favor, Carr’s years in the criminal courts prosecuting gang cases has made him a poised and engaging speaker…and his years navigating through the infamously rough office politics of the district attorney’s office probably have given him a thick skin.”
– Jewish Journal

“Although he was outspent by his competitors, Carr managed to get the voters’ attention…It turns out Carr was right.”
– The Hollywood Reporter

“Carr garnered the most votes, something of a surprise…”


“Carr, a gang prosecutor…finished atop the field of candidates with 21.5 percent of the vote…”
– Beverly Hills Courier

“Republican…Elan Carr leads the crowded field…”
– Roll Call