Public Safety

As a husband and father of two (with a third on the way) nothing is more important to me than keeping my family safe. For that reason and because I felt so strongly about serving my community, I became a Deputy District Attorney for Los Angeles County. In my current role I try cases involving some of L.A. County’s most notorious gangs, as well as cases involving domestic violence and cruelty to animals. Both violent and non-violent crime is on the rise in California, and while it is important to punish criminals and keep them behind bars, we can’t just handcuff our way out of the current crime problem. We also need to make sure that our children receive a good education, robust after-school programs, and job training. And we need to grow our economy so that they have economic opportunities as they grow up. The most effective way to reduce crime is with good jobs, and the most effective way to secure a good job is with a good education. No other candidate has my track record of fighting to keep Americans safe, both from criminals on our streets and from terrorists overseas, and I will bring that same fighting spirit to Washington.