How to act if someone invades your property in Spain?
How to act if someone invades your property in Spain?

How to act if someone invades your property in Spain?

If the invader has less than 15 days on your property, he can be expelled, even using physical force. After that period, you will have to file a lawsuit.

Today, the mafia has invented a series of increasingly sophisticated tricks to seize the property of others. One that is widely used is the simple invasion of a property by a person who is not the owner of the property. Several people on went through this complicated situation.

In these cases, how should the affected person act to recover their property?

Intruders are a problem that affects many homeowners and neighborhoods. They can pose a problem not only of coexistence in the portal but also something even more serious if they try to use the common spaces.

How should we act if we encounter this problem?

Squatting cases can be very long and tiring to solve. The law is now quite simple for these cases. First, the inviolability of the home is considered a fundamental right; however, various legal considerations mean that private property is not fully considered, so the police cannot access a house that is forcibly occupied. We can also ask for help from specialized companies, such as legal woinfi who will solve the problem quickly.

In the first 48 hours, if the lock has not been changed, residents could be evacuated by police and charged with crimes. Of course, it is a key moment, because, after these 48 hours, the inhabitants become residents of that house.

Therefore, it is much easier to avoid it than to solve it. Either by placing alarms, not letting the mailbox fill up, entrusting someone close to raising the blinds in case of prolonged absence, and, above all, realizing that at the same time we see a squat, we must inform them about the policeman.

The myth of notifying the Police in 48 hours

Now, usurpation goes through a different path than raid. Even though it is a flagrant crime, the Police – the myth of notification in the first 48 hours is just that, a myth without legal basis, say sources – do not usually act on their initiative for several reasons: no urgency, the owner does not live and the squatters play games trying to create an appearance of legality. How?

The court’s choice

You can also ask the court for a pitch, but it is no longer so easy for reasons of proportionality, you have to wait for the trial. The consequence is a grueling journey of months or years.

To avoid this, there are two options. Because it is a minor offense, there is a speedy trial. But the judiciary is facing a problem. Some occupants are identified and convicted, although there are always unidentified people inside, which makes the process repeatable and eternal, the sources explain. And then the sentence is attackable.

Docking companies

It happens that the violation is not as mediated as the squatting phenomenon and they are often wrongly linked. Security companies have benefited from this. Fear of the occupiers revived the use of an alarm system. It is also recommended to firstly take a look on the Internet so you canĀ  see how these “squat alarms” are offered.