The Legalities of Remaining in the UK After a Divorce

Going through a divorce is never a pleasant experience. If you’re a non-UK resident who is currently living and working in the UK on a spouse visa, then this can add to the stress of getting a divorce even more.

The end of a marriage is an emotional and testing time, so even considering the legalities and the immigration laws that surround you can be unimaginable. If you’re dependent on a family visa and are reliant on your ex-spouse for settlement, it can often seem a lot easier to end your losses and move home.

Once your marriage has ended, the Home Office may request that you leave the country within a number of weeks following your break up. However, if you have started a family, or have set up a business in the UK, then it’s unlikely that you will want to leave. Time is of the essence in these situations and it’s really important that you act fast. Here are some steps that you should take in these circumstances.

Speak to the home office

Before you make any decisions, it’s of the utmost importance that you inform the Home Office that you have got a divorce. Throughout the process, immigration professionals will need you to be fully transparent and honest, so the sooner you let them know the better. Failure to do so could heighten the chances of them enforcing your leave from the country.

Once notice has been given and you have informed the Home Office that … Read More

You can help keep your community crime-free

Times have changed and gone are the days when you can consider walking alone in the middle of the night or kids play out in the street with neighbors without being exposed to crime or suspicious activity that can result in dire consequences.

One of the biggest threats today is the increase in gun-related crimes, both syndicated and randomly committed.

Any criminal defense attorney Virginia Beach would agree that taking the necessary precautionary measures to avoid getting victimized by taking practical and conscious steps to prevent criminality.

Criminality is on the rise

Statistics have shown that in 2016, the United States saw the highest incidence of gun-related crimes in history since the 1960s. Criminality has gone to an all-time high and accounted for 38,658 people who did due to gun-related crimes. 

There were 4,415 homicides of which 71 died as a result of random mass shootings, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The worst of these random shootings that claimed a lot of lives were the 2017 random shooting during a music festival in Las Vegas, Nevada. 58 lives were lost, all of who were having a great time enjoying the festival and thought nothing of the tragedy that would take their lives.

Guns and crime

A study published in the same year found a strong correlation between gun-related deaths and higher levels of gun ownership. Virginia Beach criminal law attorneys understand that gun crime can take the life of an innocent bystander at times when … Read More

Road safety facts everyone needs to know

The World Health Organization (WHO) has reported that every year, there are 1.25 million people who lose their lives to car crashes, with an average of 3,287 deaths every single day.

The statistics also show that around 20-50 million people have been injured or disabled due to road accidents. Personal injury attorneys Virginia Beach are aware that road crashes are among the major cause of deaths for people aged 15-29 and the second global cause of deaths among young people aged 5-14 years old.

Road accidents have become a major global concern

Road crashes and incidents have become a major health problem not only in the United States but throughout the rest of the world. Road crash disabilities and casualties have become a global epidemic that is currently recognized as a global health issue that needs to be addressed.

The first major step to ensure awareness of this growing problem on road safety is to be updated about the latest statistics and figures related to road accidents. This, in turn, is valuable in developing effective road safety intervention programs and strategies to be able to reduce further accidents and save lives in the process.

Road safety in the United States

According to a personal injury attorney Virginia Beach VA, there are more than 37,000 casualties as a result of road crashes each year, with an additional 2.35 million people who are injured or disabled.

One of the disturbing realities of these incidents involve children, where no less than 1,600 … Read More