Why Brooklyn escorts services will be banned by States’ law

Have you ever noticed that whenever a practice tends to start catching on, the state somehow finds a reason to come in with a sort of regulation? Sometimes it is a necessary measure to control stuff that may get out of hand. Other times it is just an outrageous form of big brother interference. Which one of those will it be when the state steps in to ban Brooklyn escort services?
Yes, it is understandable that it may not have occurred that the government would want to dip its hand in this seemingly harmless pleasure jar. But that is bound to happen. And the motivation won’t even come from outside; it will come from the escort business itself. Wonder why even without Elan Carr’s support, Brooklyn escorts services will still be banned by States’ law? Well, here’s why:
Illegitimate players
The infiltration of the escort business by players who are not genuine will be the first signal beckoning the state to take action. These players could be either call girls or escorts. These are people who enter the escort circles pretending to be either escorts or to be looking for escorts but in reality have a hidden agenda.
They may end up drugging and robbing the contacts they make or, in worst case scenarios, killing them. While most people in the escort business are just seeking to have fun and others trying to make a living, the entrance of these crooked acts puts a big blot on the industry. The state has for some time experienced cases of mysterious disappearances that were traced down to an escort call. It will be a case of the industry inviting trouble to itself.
Also, not-so-flowery insights given by people who have been in and out of the escort business- mostly women- are not doing it any favors.
Continous labeling of escort business as prostitution
Mainstream outlets are hell-bent on portraying escort business as the modern form of prostitution. They will more often than not refer to call girls as ‘hookers’ and ‘prostitutes.’ The intended results are being effectively achieved and society is frowning towards the business. Wives are especially mad at the growing popularity of escorts and would do anything to wipe out the practice completely.
Never mind that the same society is the one promoting escort business behind the scenes. Don’t be surprised to learn that a key campaigner for the escort business ban has at some point enjoyed the warmth of a call girl.
According to Elan Carr, control of commercial sex falls within the realm of the State government through the tenth amendment, with prostitution classified as a misdemeanor in the public order crime category. The state has not to this end actively used this window to crack down on escort business in Brooklyn like http://newyork5starescorts.com/brooklyn, but you get the feeling that time is nigh.
It’s Donald Trump’s government, hello!
While this is the president you would assume to be pretty liberal on matters call girls, you also have to remember that he is the most unpredictable. There could be a hurricane and the story gets twisted and blamed on escort girls! You just don’t know where the next blow will land!

As the escort business boom continues in Brooklyn, chances of the State swinging in with a ban continues rising. It is up to the players in this industry to cleanse it of illegitimacy- and yes, that’s not as easy as it sounds- or else a ban is sadly inevitable.
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News: Former D.A. Cooley backs Republican Carr in race for Waxman seat

Former Los Angeles County Dist. Atty. Steve Cooley has endorsed first-time candidate Elan S. Carr, who is running in a crowded field to replace retiring Rep. Henry A. Waxman (D-Beverly Hills).

Carr, a deputy district attorney and Iraq war veteran, is a Republican in a strongly Democratic district.

Cooley, also a Republican, said in a statement released by the Carr campaign: “When it comes to tackling crime and making sure our families are safe, Elan Carr is the clear choice — that’s why I hired him to be a deputy district attorney a decade ago.”

Noting Carr’s military service in Iraq and his work prosecuting gang crimes, Cooley added: “We need more leaders like Elan in Washington. For that reason, he has my full endorsement and support.”

Waxman’s 33rd District, which runs from the Westside and Malibu and down the coast through the Palos Verdes Peninsula, already has drawn several contenders, including two current or former officeholders, a radio talk show host and columnist and a best-selling author, among others.

Waxman is retiring at the end of the year after four decades in Congress.…

National Defense

Only by maintaining the ability to project U.S. power around the world can we ensure the safety of our citizens and our allies. Having spent a year on military deployment in Iraq, I know full well the tragedy of war. I also understand from personal experience that the only way to avoid war is through maintaining an unwavering posture of strength and leadership.…


Although taxation is a necessary feature of good government, our tax code today is neither fair nor efficient. We need to make our tax system simpler, reduce the many burdens placed upon job creators, and close the many loopholes so that all of us pay our fair share.…


We need a healthcare system that covers all Americans while maintaining our
country’s qualitative edge in terms of medical care and expertise. As the husband of a medical doctor in private practice, I believe that we need to balance universal coverage with a reimbursement system that will allow patients the broadest possible choice of doctors.…


As the child of immigrants who came to this country in pursuit of the American dream, I believe that immigrants have played a central and critical role in building the United States into the prosperous power we have become. Our country should continue to welcome new immigrants into our communities and economy, establish a secure guest worker program for foreigners who wish to work here, secure our borders so that criminals or terrorists do not threaten us, and provide a pathway to citizenship for the many honest and hardworking undocumented residents currently living and working here.…


On the whole, our education system in America is not worthy of our children. An inferior education imposes enormous economic and personal costs on American families. As the product of a public school education, I know full well that we need to fix our schools, increase the salaries of our teachers, and give our children the kind of empowering education that will allow them to realize their potential.…

Public Safety

As a husband and father of two (with a third on the way) nothing is more important to me than keeping my family safe. For that reason and because I felt so strongly about serving my community, I became a Deputy District Attorney for Los Angeles County. In my current role I try cases involving some of L.A. County’s most notorious gangs, as well as cases involving domestic violence and cruelty to animals. Both violent and non-violent crime is on the rise in California, and while it is important to punish criminals and keep them behind bars, we can’t just handcuff our way out of the current crime problem. We also need to make sure that our children receive a good education, robust after-school programs, and job training. And we need to grow our economy so that they have economic opportunities as they grow up. The most effective way to reduce crime is with good jobs, and the most effective way to secure a good job is with a good education. No other candidate has my track record of fighting to keep Americans safe, both from criminals on our streets and from terrorists overseas, and I will bring that same fighting spirit to Washington.…


Too many Americans today are not finding the kinds of opportunities that our economy provided only a decade ago. The Government’s top priority must be to implement a tax and regulatory structure that rapidly grows our economy and encourages job creators, so that all of us, and our children, will be able to find the jobs and careers that they deserve.…


It is possible and it is right to be both pro-business and pro-environment. We need to keep our air and water clean, we need to protect animals and their habitats, and we need to embrace clean and sensible energy, all while promoting economic growth and job creation.…